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The Mental Health Observatory of the AEN Print E-mail

The Mental Health Observatory of the Asociación Española de Neuropsiquiatría (AEN) is a Project that arose as a result of the need for an information system about the state of the organization and the evolution of the Mental Health Services in the various Autonomous Regions of Spain.

Mental Health Observatory AEN
Mental Health Observatory AEN
The transfer of responsibility for health care to the Autonomous Regions of Spain has resulted in a need to develop a tool to centralise all the heterogeneous information from these regions.
The framework of the General Health Law and the Document of the Commission for Psychiatric Reform establishes different priorities, rhythms and organisational and management methods, the implications of which need to be ascertained.  

Making this information available will enable analyses to be done and proposals made to enable politicians and policy makers to generate proposals for a common model of mental health care. This model will be multidisciplinary and cross-sectorial, and will be centred on the needs of the users and their families.

It was with these objectives that the AEN Mental Health Observatory was founded in 2002. In 2003, an AEN working group was formed composed of members of various Autonomous Region Associations. This group developed the questionnaire and wrote the first two reports, which form the basis of this Observatory.

In 2006, the success and acceptance of the project by both professionals and managers led the AEN Executive Board to approve a proposal to give added impetus to the project, with the design and development of this interactive web site. This will give users, their families, physicians, researchers, health care managers and politicians easy and continued access to up-to-date information on mental health care systems in the various Autonomous Regions, by means of personalised reports and charts.

In 2007 the Ministry of Health supported this initiative by subsidising the development and consolidation of the project.
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